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About Big L Driving School

My name is Pravin Kalyan also known as PK and I am NZTA qualified and hold dual qualification of Driving Instructor and Driver Testing Officer. In my previous role of Driver Testing Officer, I have carried out thousands of restricted and full driving test and have seen varying driving standards. Each time I witnessed poor performance by the drivers, I wished I could help to improve their driving standards but my role as Driver Testing Officer prevented me from helping apart from debriefing after the driving test with recommendation for improving their driving standards.

To help lift the standard of driving and produce drivers with safe driving skills, I stepped down from the Driving Testing Role and take up Driver Instructing Role.

I personally have 37 years of driving experience and all my working career has been in customer service role.

I have conducted a number of training session in delivering excellent customer services whilst employed in banking industry and bring all my experiences to driver instructing.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact us by calling Pravin (PK) on 021 1066 077 or emailing us at [email protected]